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Newbie to snow ski helmets

Newbie to snow ski helmets

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Started by BDN in Ski Hardware - 3 Replies


BDN posted 28-Feb

Hello, I have been snow skiing since I was a kid and love it but I have never worn a helmet or anything. I have bought a Giro full egg shell helmet and going to start when I go skiing in 3 days. Is there anything I need to know about wearing a helmet or things I do or don't need to do? Are there tips or advice I may need to know? As I said I am new to this and know nothing about it but I do want to go have fun and be safe! Is there anything I need to wear over or under the helmet or anything? I have bought some Giro Cruz goggles. Will those work good with that helmet and not fog as I wear glasses. Are goggles a must to wear all the time or if I want to ski without them would I be ok or is it safe to do? Any help, Tips or advice would be appreciated!!

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posted 28-Feb

The friend I went with hates helmets and just wears a bobble ..it is purely personal choice ..I wear a helmet and I know it can save you damage by personal experience ...As to eye wear it is what you're comfortable with. I wear photochromatic glasses but I have goggles if it starts snowing ..again it's your choice

Far Queue
reply to 'Newbie to snow ski helmets'
posted 28-Feb

I usually wear sunglasses with my helmet, with my goggles pushed up ready to wear if needed. However, I will be looking for a new helmet before my next trip and will almost certainly go for one with a visor so I can wear my driving glasses underneath to make reading maps a possibility again :)

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posted 01-Mar

If you buy a good helmet, it wlll be much more comfortable than a touque ... no head rot .

Best advice?

Avoid the "gorb gap" !

All you need to know

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