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Zermatt kids rental and where to start?

Zermatt kids rental and where to start?

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Started by GarryHarry in Switzerland - 5 Replies


GarryHarry posted 11-Dec

Granma and grandpa with 10 year old Harry are staying 10 minutes walk from the Gondola and 20 minutes from the Sunnegga Incline station (on the east side). Harry is beginner intermediate - Mid January - should we start at Sunnegga?
Harry needs boots and skis and some rental deals are scary high prices? Any tips? Also we would love to know if there are lockers to leave skis and boots near lifts? Garry

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posted 11-Dec

Hi Garry, we'd need more info to advise where you should go (e.g. how well do you ski? how confident is Harry, etc.) but if in doubt then maybe book a lesson or 3?

Kid's boots, skis and a helmet look to be about 90CHF for mid-January which doesn't seem too bad (for Switzerland/Zermatt).

You can find the location of various rental shops on our map here https://www.j2ski.com/ski_resorts/Switzerland/Zermatt_Map.html (apologies in advance for the annoying insistence of our map in showing hotels repeatedly - on our list to fix!).

Or you can check SkiSet's Zermatt prices and 3 shop locations directly.


(disclosure :- we work with SkiSet and they help J2Ski happen!)
The Admin Man

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posted 11-Dec

thx Admin, Harry is early intermediate but athletic and will learn fast. At 155cm 53kg he may be too big for 6-11 yr olds skis? I found is CHF153 for 2 weeks - we ski 19 days but 2 weeks seems the longest deal?? Thats at the place you link to 4 minutes from our accommodation Matterhorn Sp. 3 Neudorf
Address : Steinmattstrasse 12

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posted 12-Dec

There is a beginner's area (Wolli Park) next to the Sunnegga funicular station, there is also an easy slope down to the Eisfluh chairlift. There is also a beginner's area at Riffelberg in the Gornergrat sector, where there is also some pleasant intermediate skiing.

The cheapest ski rental is likely to be via Ochsner Sport, a nation-wide chain of sports shops. Their Zermatt branch is at Bahnhofstrasse 46. They have a website, but it's not in English https://www.ochsnersport.ch/de/shop/cp/dienstleistungen/ski-snowboard-vermietung.html and you can only reserve 5 days in advance.

Most rental shops will carry junior rental skis, extra days beyond the quoted periods are charged at a reduced rate. 19 days rental will be close to the seasonal rental price.

There are lots of lockers https://www.matterhornparadise.ch/en/experience/skiing/ski-locker I wouldn't leave boots in them overnight as they probably won't dry out.

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posted 13-Dec

Thanks so much SwingBeep - that is so very helpful!

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posted 17-Jan

You have been very helpful! Thanks. We skied 3 days and having a day off. There has only been one red run that 10 year old Harry has not done - the very start of run 12 from Rothorn - we felt it was black for the first 100M. We had to step up about 40M and were not happy.
We skied tops to bottoms of 4 runs that were +1000m vertical yesterday. An amazing experience.
In 3 days we can barely keep up with the kid who was a beginner!

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