Vaccine mandates in Austria?


Vaccine mandates in Austria?

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Steve_bitton posted 07-Nov


Thinking of going to Niederau late January, however I know Austria was one of the worst places for Covid vaccine mandates until recently. I've only had two jabs, and not planning on having any more (for various reasons) however my son has not had any.

What is the likelihood of Austria re-imposing mandates this winter?

Also, I'm not going anywhere that they insist on facemasks (I'm supposed to be on holiday) and I know Germany are still quite hot on that. I'm medically exempt, but as I'll have to travel through Germany to get there on the train, I'm not sure how accepting they are of that? In the UK I've just waved my sunflower lanyard at people on the two or three occasions I was challenged and that was totally fine every time, however I'm not sure if I need to get a medical certificate to be certain? I do have the option of flying I guess, but would much rather take the train and travel with the rest of the party.

Much appreciated.


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posted 09-Nov

You need to check the Austrian travel website for up to date info.
However, you are right, Austria tends to be very cautious when it comes to covid. Last season masks were compulsory on public transport, ski lifts, supermarkets etc. If Covid kicks off again this winter I would expect the same so do your homework before you go. I don't know if there are exemptions for medical reasons, but Austria travel site should give all details.
Good luck.
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posted 09-Nov

Yes agreed, have checked the websites several times and there's no hint of restrictions as yet. I've had to book now as availability was going down, but it puts me in the awkward position of having restrictions change between booking and trip. I guess this has been the case for many people over the last couple of years, but I've managed to avoid it by staying in the UK. Unfortunately my desire for slipping on snow has outweighed my worries, and I'm not likely to get a decent amount of slope time in the UK (Sorry, Scotland you are just too unpredictable)

Here's hoping that sense prevails this year.

I'm still uncertain about if I'll need a medical certificate in Germany and Austria (assuming they bring masks back) or if they generally accept a lanyard or just the magic words "I'm exempt" or "Ich bin befreit"? Does anyone have experience of this?
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posted 10-Nov

Currently traveling from Basel to Frankfurt on an ICE train, there are signs on the carriage doors saying that you can only travel if you wear a mask and there are frequent announcements saying that passengers must wear an FFP2 mask during the entire journey. Everybody I have seen on the train so far is wearing a mask.

If you look at the DBB website it says that "People who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons are exempt from doing so. DB's train crews are, within the scope of privacy regulations, entitled to ask passengers to produce a medical certificate as proof of exemption. Therefore, please always carry an appropriate medical certificate with you."

Unless the law changes in the meantime it looks like you will have to obtain a medical certificate from your doctor.

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posted 10-Nov

Many thanks, that's really useful to know.

EDIT: After phoning the doctor (they don't provide exemptions) and phoning 119 as advised (no help) I've searched the web for 15 minutes trying to find how to get an exemption, but to no avail.

I don't suppose this is the best place to ask, being a ski forum and all, but thought I would put it out there on the off-chance?
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posted 02-Jan

Just to follow up, I spoke to my actual doctor (not just the receptionist) and explained why I needed an exemption, and he wrote me one out without question. I've purchased a box of KN95 masks for my son.

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