Best resort for snowboarder, coming from Turin Airport?

Best resort for snowboarder, coming from Turin Airport?

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CaliGirl posted 07-Jan

Hi! I will be flying into Turin airport at the end of January and would like to snowboard for 2-3 days. I was looking into Chamonix, but have heard the Aosta Valley might be a better option. Since I'm used to lower elevation in Tahoe, I am really looking forward to some above the tree line, off piste, intermediate-advanced runs. I am also a foodie and would love to have a little nightlife experience. Can anyone recommend a good resort to go to? Would you recommend breaking it up and spending a day in Chamonix? Thank you so much!

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posted 07-Jan

Hmm, tough to hit all three targets together... what's more important?

Obvious suggestions are :-

Chamonix - nightlife to whatever level you want, likewise food, and various ski areas although the top lift at Grand Montets/Argentiere is out of action so the higher off-piste options are harder to access.

Courmayeur - quieter nightlife but excellent for foodies! Smaller ski area but you do have the option of a descent from Mont Blanc on the Toula glacier (subject to snow conditions).

Champoluc / Alagna / Monte Rosa - v.quiet nightlife, some excellent restaurants and a massive ski area with lots of off-piste options.

In case you've not done Europe before; do be aware that any terrain outside marked runs is uncontrolled and you must assume it's NOT safe - so you will need full avalanche safety kit (and know how to use it). As you'll be new to the areas, do plan to get yourself a guide booked and you'll be able to access some amazing places!

Once you've decided which area you prefer, there are quite a few trip reports on J2Ski and some of our forum regulars spend a lot of time in Chamonix and Monte Rosa so ask away!

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posted 07-Jan

id throw Cervinia into the mix as huge area, linked to Zermatt and pistes are generally boarder friendly. Mostly above tree line and therefore subject to visibilty issues occasionally.

Courmayuer is very nice, more compact but nice food on the mountain.

Chamonix is assesible from Courmayuer but you'll likely need a guide and your route down depends on which track you prefer but as a day out adventure through a guide school could be great memory.

You can never get enough of Chamonix as it is a real mountain town... but for me, to get the best out of it, you need
to get away from the obvious routes ...
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posted 07-Jan

Further to this you need to be a strong off pister in Chamonix otherwise you'll be skiing chopped all the time and so getting out back you need to know where to go and know what you are going. Not impossible but you need to be shown because out back is not side country with a piste bail out option. If Grand Montet was fully open then that could swing it because everyone needs to ski Chamonix at it best but you also need to like using buses.

Cervinia has lots of off piste cut throws where you will hit a piste if you need to bail and the Italians arent usually first in...but they'll follow you if you open up an interesting pitch.

If you are used to inbound in the U.S, this is quite close but you do have to weigh up avi risk yourselves.
Generally you can go where you like in Europe but that is your call to do so. You can be in high alpine terrain in both and routes are not typically patrolled if you are off track.

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posted 07-Jan

I posted the below to answer another question but is also relivant to yours.

Sauze d'oulx is dead easy,if you are flying into Turin.
You can get a train to Oulx and the local bus to resort,really easy and cheap to do. Takes about 2 hours from the airport and cost about 20 euro each way.

I always stay at ciao pais, mountain restaurant. On the slopes, skidoo pick up and drop off and some of the best food I havd ever eaten.

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posted 12-Jan

Thank you so much everyone!!! Was sooo helpful. Looking for a guide in the spots mentioned on here... that has turned into my first priority. If anyone has any recommendations, I'm all ears!

Prayin for bluebirds for all of you. Cheers

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posted 12-Jan

you will have to be on your toes if you have just a few all honesty, i think the trip may well be a recce to come back another tine once you get to see how the alps do things differently.

I'd never suggest the classic valle blanche for anyone with off piste aspirations because it is a track for the most part...and the ski out along the mer de glace is long and not good for boarders, imv...but the scenery is amazing ...and i mean AMAZING so first time out worth it for a life long memory, imo. Haven't done Courmayuer to Chamonix as did Hellebronner instead and that is steeper, more interesting ski wise but cant rival the huge seracs and ice falls you see in the valle blanche for sheer awe.
Both Chamonix and Courmayuer will offer 'vallee blanche' trips and you may be able to join a group but it is very weather dependent and, tbh, you will need decent vis...and hopefully a bluebird day.
These high mountain trips involve glaciers and you definitely need the snow bridges to fill in...because if you see the glaciers you'll be skiing over, in the summer, you'll be very shocked at the terrain that winter snow covers.
Imo, anything off the main classic route you'd need a harness and therefore a guide with rope, and this is why the trip costs but as an experience, totally worth it.

I think you need to decide where to go and then decide from there.

Typically, Chamonix, valle blanche tourist track, many guided tours for sale from guides office. Busy buzzing town...just being there is a buzz.

Courmayuer would do the same, from the other side of Mont Blanc...but the other day in the village would be great. pistes good, food great on the mountain.

Cervinia, high mountain...personally id say you wouldn't need a guide in you are using lifts, but depends on your mountain management. What you may be able to do...because i did this in Zermatt, is go to the ski school around 1700..or whatever the closing times are, and book a ski instructor on a 'guided' off piste day. They probably will not be able to take you off piste on a glacier..unless uiagm qualified.. but in good snow you'll have a great day ski wise.

Sone resorts do this to create work for ski instructors outside lessons...and depending on the terrain and instructor..who isn't there to give lessons...they may take mixed groups ie, ski and board, and you'll find in a decent group a board may struggle to keep up because in this type of skiing, boards are not so good around the mountain...great going down,...but holding height in the traverse and skating out..???

Monte Rosa..which means Champoluc and maybe Gressoney, dont have the immediate instant appeal for just a few days unless guided, ime. Great resorts but to make the best of them, you need to get out back..

Both Cervinia and Monta rose do heli trips...

Get saving your pennies because you really need to know people who know if you try to do it cheaper.

Uiagm guides are the boys that can take you anywhere..but they aren't cheap

If in Gressoney, the hotel Dufour was the place to meet EVERYONE. If in doubt, follow the swedes, because they are there to do it all so will know the score of who to talk to..failing that, talk to ski school and then tourist office. Instructors are looking for better work than teaching snowploughs so might have their schools offering adventure days and these resorts are defintely get out there and go places..

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