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Summer in Hintertux

Summer in Hintertux

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Started by Dickdutch in Austria - 4 Replies

Summer in Hintertux

Dickdutch posted Apr-2019

I would like to try some summer skiing and have decided that Hintertux is the obvious and best choice.

As a complete newcomer to skiing in the summer, I was after some advice on simple things like, what do you wear? How warm is it at the top, or isn't it? I realise that the snow will turn slushy, but how long does it stay good? If anyone has been to Hintertux, is there enough to do, to keep you occupied in the afternoons?


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posted Apr-2019

I don't know Hintertux, but did a fair bit of summer skiing (Tignes) many years ago... great fun!

dickdutch wrote:As a complete newcomer to skiing in the summer, I was after some advice

Layers, water, suncream, and follow the sun and the shade...

Daily temperature variation can be massive; on the mountain it can go from -10C overnight to +25C by lunch.

- If you're early up (you should be - and the lifts will likely open v.early) it'll be very cold first thing and hot by lunchtime, so wear multiple thin layers (and a rucksack to stash them as you peel them off - nothing says "I didn't think this through" like skiing around with 3 fleeces tied round your waist...).

- Skiing in warm weather will dehydrate you much faster than you're used to, and the air's usually drier up high; so take water and take regular swigs!

- Slopes are likely to be rock solid first thing, but soften quickly as the sun hits them; so follow the sun early on and switch back to any slopes that stay shady / got the sun later as it warms up.

YMMV, but the sweet spot is probably with between 2 and 10cm of slush. The daily freeze/thaw generally means the base under that will be very smooth.

...and don't forget the sun-cream! 8)

Oh, and please post some pictures!
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reply to 'Summer in Hintertux'
posted Apr-2019

Firstly if you want to ski in August make sure that the snow conditions are decent.
I have been on Hintertux twice in August. In 2016 all the slopes down to Tuxerferner Haus were covered with snow.
In 2017 snow was only on Gefrorene Wand and the rest was pure ancient ice.
As to clothing, I usually wear normal ski pants (not too thick though), long sleeve basic layers shirt and a soft shell jacket.
In backpack I have a thin and light shell jacket. It's waterproof and windproof so it's a good backup in case on snow/rain fall and lower temperature (when I wear shell jacket on soft shell, the soft shell starts to provide enough warmth)
I also have thinner ski gloves for summer skiing and a thin bandana under the helmet.
The snow conditions are the best usually between 9.00 and 12.00.
It can be really hard and frozen early in the morning and soft and slushy in the afternoon.
I attach some photos from 2016 August skiing.

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posted Apr-2019

All the above is great advice and not a lot o can add but I was actually summer skiing in Hintertux last year and have skied on most of the other glaciers and Scandinavia in Slate spring, summer or August. The main things are (as alluded to above) is get on the lift early (7-7.30am); layer up (can be bitterly cold early on and if bad weather blows in or very warm) and a lot of sunscreens; best snow usually mid-morning and pretty much over by lunchtime. Last year there was thick-gfog/low visibility one day abnd as full scale blizzard another (this was June), but it was too hot for me to go outside down in valley in Mayrhofen where we were staying in the afternoon - 30C+
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reply to 'Summer in Hintertux'
posted Apr-2019

Thanks to everyone for the advice, this is what I needed.

The video of Hintertux is quite alarming, that was ice like I've never seen before, and although I'd be ok, I'm not convinced my wife would be comfortable 'skiing' on that.

So, what I'm taking from this is, plan it quite late, and only if there's snow available, plenty of layers and sunscreen.

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