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Sm4sh posted 27-Jan

Hey guys

Has anyone flown a drone in the French Alps or knows what the rule are around flying them on the pistes?

Seems drones are getting abit of a bad name. Especially after Gatwick Gate.

I make youtube videos and use the drone to make the videos more cinematic. Not to annoy people.

I've had a look online also but there doesn't seem to be any set rules that I can see.

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posted 28-Jan

Not sure, but I remember a couple of years ago, a drone fell in the middle of a slalom ski race, missing the skier by a second.

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posted 28-Jan

That will be one of them idiots that give the rest of us a bad name. I'd just fly mine out of the way with not many people around.

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posted 29-Jan

Banned in chamonix as danger to the helicopters that are running about.

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posted 01-Feb

Where we are, the Lift company runs its own drone service provided by a local subcontractor who has industrial-grade octa-copter equipment, an assistant and a ton of batteries. They sit at the Funpark and video for free on Weekends and you can hire them for your own use if you want to pay for longer sessions. Thay also cover the main competitions, both freeride and FIS - This is to discourage people from using their own. In practical terms, the thinner air at altitude means the effective flight time is dramatically reduced, so photography time is very limited before you need to land and change batteries. In Switzerland you need 3-party insurance cover for anything heavier. I have a Parrot and once you add all this up, it's not worth the hassle for what's effectively a 5-minute flight capability. Elsewhere, as mentioned, they're completely prohibited.

Hoever, if you're a semi-pro with a good track-record of responsible flying, i wonder if there might be mileage in your contacting the lift company in your intended destination and asking them? Perhaps with the offer of being the 'official' partner? That way, you might pick up some business and it'd all be with their approval, and you wouldn't risk antagonising any local freelancers already offering this,
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