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SkiGirl posted 26-Jan

Anyone any favourite brands of mittens? Starting to suffer with v cold hands so thinking I'll give mittens a try. Currently use Salamon or Hestra gloves with Hestra liners but due a change.

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posted 27-Jan

I too suffer from cold hands . I think mittens are better than gloves generally. I found arcteryx mittens to be very good, they have a special linner which even when wearing if you get a little snow are still wearable and quickly wick away the moisture. Have a handy cord to attach them to your wrist which is very useful as the amount they cost you would not want to loose one.
Do they keep your hands toasty warm in all conditions NO but they are good . I wear when it's colder a thin pair of merino or silk gloves. If it's very cold I also use "hand warmers" the ones you use for one day no batteries just shake the little bags and pop them in your gloves. They are really good and last 10 to 12 hours have not used for that long but are very hot still after 7 hours. I got some on line and others from Halfords both work well. Hope this helps and you get something sorted. Andy
Andy dobson

Big phil
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posted 28-Jan

Once you've picked your mittens, would it be worth cutting the toe off an old pair of ski socks & wearing them as wrist warmers to try & keep your blood to your hands warm.
I used to do that as I couldn't ever get sleeves long enough, I now wear a Saga Outerwear jacket which also has a thumb hole inner cuff that also helps to keep your hands warm.

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posted 28-Jan

Here's a curve ball.
As a fellow cold finger sufferer after a disc problem in my neck I've worn mittens for the past 10 years. Various makes at vastly different prices.

The real surprise one was a pair of Aldi ones I bought as a spare in case I lost one of my good ones. (I normally have 2 pairs - one wearing - the other drying out back at the hotel or chalet)
Perhaps not quite as good as the Hestra's but at least as good as any of the others at a fraction of the price.

Obviously lack the label factor....
Andy M

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posted 28-Jan

Like you and many others, I too suffer from cold fingers.
I did find that getting decent ski gear (base layers, jacket and Salopettes) made a difference as it kept the core warmer therefore did not steal heat from the extremities. I had started off many years ago in the full Aldi kit out, and although it was a great price, it does not really have the thermal qualities that the more specialised gear provides.
That said, on really cold days the fingers did get cold. I found mitts with a pair of woolly gloves underneath did the job most of the time. I have tried loads of different mitts from Aldi's best to TOG and other makes, but my major grouse with them all (including gloves) is they all split and wear our out on the seams where they come into contact with skis when carrying them This seems to me to be a major design flaw. Quite why they place the seam at that particular location is a mystery. It would seem more sensible to wrap the palm covering further around the mitt (or glove) so that the seam is more on the back of the mitt.
I have now found some EUGlove Ski Mitts that have leather palms with extra wear pads in the points I mention above, they were about £20 on Amazon. Not tried them yet, but they seem well padded to the point they feel thicker than the TOG mitts I had previously.
I have high hopes for them.
Skied: On snow, On water, On mud, On slush, On ice. Oh, and on a few dry slopes.

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posted 29-Jan

You need thermals with the thumb holes so blood vessels in wrist are covered and mittens with a long cuff and pull cord to tighten. Warmest ones i had were Millet (French brand) with 3 fingers vs full mitten and lasted 20yrs of skiing + climbing. A lot about warm hands is about dressing properly - standard themals and short cuffs - guarantee snow in there at some point.
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posted 31-Jan

Thanks everyone for your ideas. I do wear thermals/layers with thumb holes. Have bought a pair of silk liners so will give those a go. Tried on a pair of Sealskinz mittens which had fingers inside - liked the feel of those but a small was too big. Also tried on Rab Storm gloves which also felt good. In the end I found a v cheap pair of Nevica gloves which feel v good compared to what I have been wearing. I have a horse, so if they're crap for skiing I'll wear them to the yard instead!

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posted 06-Feb

My Partner suffers from Raynauds and after years of different glove \ liners \ packets of hand warmers on standby solutions, bit the bullet and got some Hestra Power Heater Mittens.

She's never looked back. They easily last a day or two (depending on how hot you have them and conditions)

We generally charge them up every night.

hope this helps
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