Finland in January

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Stevesmoothie posted 08-Jan


I am thinking about Finland (Yllas) in a couple of weeks. Mrs Smoothie and I have got a bit rusty so are going back to ski-school. I like the idea of gentle, wide pistes with the bonus of Northern Lights and other arctic activities.

It looks like the resorts don't really open fully until later in the year and it's only light for 4 hours a day. Does anyone have any experience or know if all the slopes will be open in mid Jan?



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posted 09-Jan


I've skied Yllas in Dec/Jan and no all of the slopes will not be open. They tend to only open the main slopes that are floodlit. It's not pitch black through the day but there isn't a huge amount of day light. The main slopes tend to open just before half term week so mid Feb. Some slopes will open for a few hours during the day but will close when it gets dark. Having said that, it will be very quiet during January as the Finns tend to stay away! If I was going to Yllas I'd be tempted to stay on the sports resort side of the slopes as the front slopes there are wide and all flood lit. Ski school there is excellent. Hopefully this helps? Feel free to ask anymore questions you want!


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posted 09-Jan

Thanks very much Dan. Does the lack of sunlight put you off at all or are the Northern Lights a good enough reason?

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posted 09-Jan

Hi Steve,

No problem. To be honest I just like skiing in Scandanavia! I learnt to ski in Finland and have ended up being drawn back there over the years! I prefer the quiet slopes and yes the Northern Lights are a bonus but not a given! Having said that we saw them then last time in Yllas a few years ago 3 different nights from the hotel bedroom.


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posted 09-Jan

Spent plenty of time in Norway skiing under floodlights and is:
1) cold
2) visibility is not the best (you will need to re-think your eye wear strategy)
3) on piste is never as nice to ski on before has had sone sun on it
Ask yourself what were your worst days you of skiing and most likely you would state (in no order) cold, bad visibility and or hard snow.

Has novelty factor which is good for pm or evening but would not recommend planning holiday around it.

Flat country skier
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posted 10-Jan

Finns staying away for a reason

And be prepared for higher costs... especially for alcohol

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posted 11-Jan

Thanks all. Italy then!

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