Some very important How To vids here...


Some very important How To vids here...

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G-force posted Nov-2018

An instructor's video session discussion with Ken Peterson at Blackcomb from a few years ago.
I haven't seen these for a few years and still find things to apply for this season.
It is all about angles... as in Angulation.
Hip angle is the only way to get big edge angles. Knees only hinge for absorbing lumps and can not provide effective strong edging.
Grab your knees; now raise your hands without changing the rest of your body position. This is generally the form. If your legs are straight you lose power of your legs to pivot the skis: you only have a screwdriver when you need a wrench.
Big Edge Angles come from Angulation- the hip moving inside the turn. If you rotate with the turn you can not edge very well because the hips only hinge. Face the outside of the turn and bend at the hips ( not the waist). Blah blah blah... Watch more of these because as Ken sez somehwere: If you can't get it in your head you can't get it in your skiing.
More Here:
Oh yeah: If your boots aren't dialed you will never get it.

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