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Easy long weekend from Rome

Easy long weekend from Rome

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Started by EEG in Italy - 1 Reply


EEG posted Feb-2007

I'm looking for an easy resort to take a 3-day ski trip to. I'm living in Rome, and would like somewhere with good public transport links. I don't have a lot of cash, and nightlife isn't a priority. I'm an intermediate skier.

Is Albetone a good option, or will I be disappointed if I don't head further north? What area of the Alps has the best transit links with central Italy?

Thanks in advance!

reply to 'Easy long weekend from Rome'
posted Feb-2007

There are a few resorts up in the Abruzzo mountains, Pescocostanzo being one of the main ones and also Roccaraso. I have been to Pescocostanzo in the summer and its really nice, but obviously winter is very different so i cant comment.

Its more towards the Pescara side of Italy.


Try that, it shows a rough map of where it is etc.

Hope that helps?


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