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Voodoo1976 posted Oct-2018

Hi All!

This season we'll be mid-way through our year long drive around Europe and I'll soon be taking a quick flight back to the UK to swap my swimming trunks for my ski boots!

It's all a bit vague but we're hoping to grab a few opportunities for skiing but we're flexible depending on weather and our eventual route:
1. Southern French Alps late November as we pass through from Italy - depends on the snow/resort.
2. Canillo, Andorra 9-14th Dec - already booked and hoping for some snow.
3. Sierra Nevada Spain Jan-Feb, we'll be hanging around in Andalusia so will go for a ski whenever the conditions are good.
4. Alps at the beginning of April as we head home to the UK.

Anyway, I digress!

I'm going to invest in some chains as with all the mountain driving it's probable that I'll need them at some point, I have a Mitsubishi Shogun 4x4 so I think I need chains for all four wheels.

Do any of you guys with mountain driving experience have any comments or suggestions for type or brand etc? Will the textile type be okay or should I just go for the real deal? Tyres are 265/60/18 - I already have M&S tyres fitted by the way...

Any thoughts or opinions welcome.

There's no business like snow business!

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posted Oct-2018

Sounds like a fun trip!

Personally, for a big ol' truck like a Shogun, I wouldn't risk it with a "textile" option (I'm assuming you're including something like the Snow Sock?) and would definitely carry chains.

Hopefully you're aware but the M&S marking on its own isn't enough to guarantee your tyres will be good in the snow; they need to show the mountain/snowflake symbol too :-

See How to recognize a winter tyre

As long as you do have proper winters/4-seasons with the snowflake, you'll likely only need chains very occasionally but you should check with your Shogun's manual or Mitsubishi as to whether you need all 4 wheels covered; I think some 4x4 are ok with just one pair but some need all.

As to brand, you've got lots of options but if you're on a road-trip then it's worth spending the extra to get good quality.
The Admin Man

Far Queue
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posted Oct-2018

Just to add to what Adders has said, I would also strongly advise that you practice putting the chains on at least once before you go. Nothing worse than being stuck at the side of a mountain in driving snow trying to work out what the instructions actually mean for fitting the chains

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posted Oct-2018

Hi - thanks both, good point ref M&S markings. I think I'm covered from a 'requirement' point of view with M&S but will check the tyres to see if I have that extra 'snowflake' marking - I don't recall it but have never checked for it either. If I carry chains anyway then I should be fine if the going gets tough.

I'll definitely be practising - heard too many stories of disastrous snow chain efforts at the bottom of a mountain in the cold and dark! I'll do further research into the manufacturers recommendation for my 4x4 also.

Thanks again and if anyone has any further recommendations ref brands etc please add them.

There's no business like snow business!

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