1 Day Private Tuition or 3 Days Ski School

1 Day Private Tuition or 3 Days Ski School
Started by Stevesmoothie in Ski Technique - 6 Replies
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Hi All,

I appreciate this is a old question but I have a variation. Mrs Smoothie and I are intermediate skiers with 15 weeks over 12 years experience. Every couple of years we splash out on a couple of hours private tuition to keep things sharp.

This year I have a limited budget and am trying to decide which is best. 1 day (4 hours) of private tuition for the two of us or 3 days (4 hours per day) of ski school.

Ski school looks tempting because it means a solid 3 days of drills, skills, and learning.

Any tips, thoughts, suggestions etc?


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1 day private, without a doubt. The problem with a group is that the you'll be competing with all the other students for attention from the instructor, m it's great if you want to follow a good skier and copy their style, but if you want true instruction and correction of bad habits etc, a private lesson is the way to go.
I think it mainly depends on how disciplined you are with your free skiing. Personally I like to do a few drills every day I ski onpiste so a few hrs works well for me. If not am sure the 3 days of observation are probably of greater value to your skiing.
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I've had a couple of private lessons since I started skiing and they proved to be very good value for money. Perhaps expensive on the face of it but it is a highly concentrated piece of work with hopefully solid results at the end.
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I would be inclined to go with the private lesson option - I think at the stage you are at, you will get more out of it than in a group lesson where the instructing will be largely generic with little personalized attention.

Not sure how the costs would work out but, if possible, I also think it would be better to opt for 2 x 2 hour lessons on successive days rather than a single big block - there is only so much you can absorb in one go plus a full days lesson could be extremely tiring.
Private unless your the social type as skiing with a like ability group can be fun. There again it would also depend on the size of the group.
Best option is the private lesson without a doubt - the session would be tailored to you needs and work on the skills most beneficial to you. As well as structuring the session with communications and drills that work best to your learning style.
If you can take 2x half day private lessons with a day off in between to practice you will likely gain the most progression for the same cost as a full day. Try to book with the same instructor (or if different, the instructors should brief each other on whats going on). This is so they know what skills you're developing and how you're going about it. Giving you the most effective lesson.
If thats not an option a full day private lesson is still a great choice.

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