I want to learn parallel long turns


I want to learn parallel long turns

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MonicaSkiFan posted Aug-2017

Hi, I'm from Australia and I want to learn ski technique.
Currently, I'm interested in parallel long turns.
I know, I know that there are many videos online, but I can't recognize which of them are good.
I found, for instance, this tutorial:
I found it interesting. Do you have other suggestions??? I'm asking professionals

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posted Nov-2018


I'm going to assume you will be using carving skis and that you can ski in some manner.

'Parallel' turns disappeared some time ago, and the people who look like they're doing them are usually experts who have never got out of the habit.

Carving is just a series of linked turns using the curved profile of the carving ski.

You start by facing downhill (the 'fall line'), weight forward in the boots, relaxed, knees slightly bent, with the skis no more than hip width apart and try to get your?/ arms in the 'waiter' position i.e. holding a tray in front of you.

Now, as you pick up speed, decide which way you want to turn. Roll the 'turn direction'-most knee in that direction. This will cause your ski to edge and you will find your other leg will slightly extend and edge as well in the same way. Ensure your upper body (above the hips), is still facing downhill and your weight forward as you turn across the piste.

Feel the skis carve their turn and when you want to go down again, flatten the skis (rotate the opposite knee) and let them return to the fall line. Repeat the turn in the opposite direction with the other knee. Eventually, with repetition, the flattening point will disappear when you go from one carved turn to the next. I'm just trying to break it down.

Once you can do this on gentle slopes, try increasing the speed of turn so that there is no real transition from one turn to the next. You're now carving. Everything else is a variant. On steeper slopes you can put in more shorter turns to maintain speed and control and on wider slopes you can have fun carving very wide turns as well (people permitting).

Remember, body forward, and the slope is your friend. It's not called downhill skiing for nothing.


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posted Nov-2018

"Parallel' turns disappeared some time ago, and the people who look like they're doing them are usually experts who have never got out of the habit".

Sorry this statement is plain wrong. Even a downwhill racer will have an element of skid/parallel some turns. Its is also an inherent function of doing any turn radius that is not the one stamped on the ski. Practically for the mere mortals parallel/skid is an essential component of skiing on all but the flattest slopes as pure carve inherently means big speed.

But people should try to do some pure carving which essentially requires a decent angle blue with no people on it. Once this is mastered then you can add in pivot and pressure as means of getting nice rounded turns on all slope angles.

Back to your video and the main problem is that the gentleman is not stacked. Freeze frame on the turns and his body is essentially leaning in with an essentially a straight line from toe to head. This is also why at the end of the video he has essentially lost control. The reason that it is so difficult to achieve is simple - do a side lean in the gym and you can maybe get a 10 deg separation between upper and lower body (damn spine). Hence to achieve full separation you are going to have to have both your feet pivoted from body (this concept of facing down hill) and lean forward and keep arms level. Although this is a natural movement i.e. if you all pick up something from side of your feet you will inherently be in this position it all become a bit much when skiing. Hence muscle memory and a few reference points to know when you are going wrong at key. Personally I try not to let my arms cross the zipper liner (helps to make sure body is at worst not rotated uphill) and try to get downhill hand towards top of boot which will give me the separation am looking for.

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posted Nov-2018

Google translate helps with the agulatzioni and inclinatzionioni...
this is the best one:

Body positioni is quite similar for short and long turns...but for longer Arcs the body follows the ski a bit farther -without losing upper/lower body separation, without sitting back, without using your upper body to hoist yerself around. Hands are quiet.

The real determining factor is the Ski's actual radius. Grab a race-carver with about a 17-19 meter Radius. 27 and 30meters are for Euro/WC. You boots must be dialed-in.
Use very shallow terrain: roads and cat tracks. You must go fast-bicycle speed to generate g-forces to balance against: again: Go fast on shallow terrain.
Start in a wedge. Face the outside and bend at the hips. The wedge will give you steering angles to start with. Arc to Arc skiing. NO PIVOTING The Skis.
Angulationi is where edging comes from -not the knees. Bend at the hips. Touch your outside boot.
Parallel.. uh; OK.. Run flat for a bit and roll Both skis on edge. Leave a Rail-track of sharp un-smeared lines. Feel it in your feet. Move your hips inside and face outside the turn against the massive G-Forces.
Inclinationi applies here. A brief but critical phase early in the turn.
Projectioni comes next. Continue the arc of the skis and let your body move Across this track to the inside of the next Arc. Cono a Cono; like the man sez. INCLINAAATZIONI.
Of course this assumes you know how to skid: If you can't skid when you need to; go back to school. Sometimes a skid is your friend. This also assume you know about turning and edging both skis in the same directioni at the same time...
If you ski only a few turns without skidding you will enter the light-speed zone.
You Must continue the arcs back up-hill - finish your turns -or you will die.
You must be able to skid to dissipate energy when you need to.
Plan ahead as these clean arcs are at least 60kph most of the time. Use terrain for effect. You will not decelerate because you are no longer skidding. You will come out of the fall-line heading for the side of the run at 60kph. Do something quick like Projectioni into the next turn... You must be able to go from balanced on a edge to off balance and into the next turn - like a bicylcletta.
Be so balanced in a turn you can finish and can start a new one merely by a slight change in your ankle-roll.
lastly: NO DUST.
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posted Nov-2018

Ah to ski like the videos awesome.

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posted Nov-2018

I think the original poster may very well be completely confused by now!

The only suggestion I can give is to invest in some ski lessons with a qualified instructor.

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posted Nov-2018

Not just the original poster, I have seldom read such unintelligible tripe! Skiing is very complex, you can't explain how to do it on an internet chat forum.

Australia has some very good instructors and as they are not constrained by the European regulatory system, they can actually teach people how to ski. Check out Reilly McGlashan's and Paul Lorenz's websites and YouTube channels. There is some more detailed information in their Projected Productions videos https://www.projectedproductions.com/

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posted Nov-2018

SwingBeep wrote:I have seldom read such unintelligible tripe!

Harsh... but probably fair. I suspect Google Translate had a hand in there, and I for one welcome our AI Overlords.

...I'm quite looking forward to generating G-Forces at fast-bicycle speed this season...

The original post is over a year old, so hopefully the poster has progressed by now.
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