Hurt my back - go away Friday!!


Hurt my back - go away Friday!!

Started by NellyPS in Ski Technique - 7 Replies

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NellyPS posted Jan-2016

I was going about my day yesterday as normal when, for no apparent reason, my back suddenly ceased up. I'm in agony, am hobbling around like an old lady and now panicking about skiing.

We leave Friday for the train. Naturally I'm concerned about a) carrying bags and b) damaging further whilst skiing.

I'm sure it's just a bad pull but at the moment feels like I've done worse.

Advice very welcome

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posted Jan-2016

Tens machine from chemist and half an hour with a Chiropractor. I've had serious E back problems for years and the old tens machine is a god send. Keep moving.

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posted Jan-2016

TENS machine a good shout, put OH on massage duty and get yourself to your nearest physiotherapist pronto.

Unlikely to be anything "damaged" if "for no apparent reason"; quite likely just tension/muscle-related but get it looked at if you're worried... have you been fretting too much about the snow train alcohol situation???

Fingers crossed you'll be fine by the weekend.
The Admin Man

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posted Jan-2016

Very funny Mr Admin. But yes maybe that's it

Ok, will get on it, won't sit about too much either.

Cheers people

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posted Jan-2016

Having suffered from a bad back recent that started for no reason, I can suggest a few things

- Keep moving, you have a desk job. Make sure you get up and walk around at least every hour (half hour if poss). At lunch, make sure you leave the building, don't sit at your desk (I am very guilty of this!)

- Do some back stretches first think in the morning and last thing at night. I was recommended to do during the day too, but I thought lying on the office floor I would look a bit weird. There's plenty of stretches that you can do. Search the web - ignore the sites that say you are on your last legs

- See a physio. This worked wonders for me. I did have a few sessions and also some acupuncture.

- Drink alcohol. if it does not help, at least you will be happy
The Northern Monkey. Mar '22 Les Arcs

Dave Mac
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posted Jan-2016

Yes, I agree with a physio check. SOON!

However, states not to use when "When the cause of the pain is not known or is not diagnosed."

So caw canny, my friend.

A warm bath, but this may be difficult getting in and out.

Some GENTLE stretches, stop if pain increases.

Sit in a high straight backed chair.

You have a man to carry bags, same as I have a woman for the same. Tip a porter a fiver to get you settled. Upgrade to first class. (assuming you are not already there....)

If it is still the same when you arrive, don't ski, go for a swim, (not for a walk). If you feel up to skiing, go on to a gentle blue, and do some easy, easy skiing. Sit in the sun, there will be more ski holidays.

If the gentle slopes are at the top, go down on the gondela. Get your man to go with you and carry your skis, tell him the views will be great.

Probably Ibruprofen will not help, but if so, the cream may be better. Paracetamal for pain.

Hopefully, this is a tension, or muscle pull, and it will recover quickly. This is really bad luck, go gentle ~ I want to see you back in Austria.

Bedrock barney
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posted Jan-2016

You could try an osteopath. They are very good at looking at misalignment issues etc. I've had very positive results in the past.
slippy slidey likey!

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posted Feb-2016

Spent 6 months learning to walk again after a serious back injury.

Two things that were always stressed not to do - swim if your one of those that only use breaststroke, and long hot baths if you have any kind of muscle strain.

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