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Started by Uptowngirl01 in Scotland - 6 Replies


Uptowngirl01 posted Dec-2015

Hi im Kelly
From Scotland and disgraced to say I've only used ski resort once
Which is best for families? Accommodation and fun times? Looking go between Xmas and new year thanks

Dave Mac
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posted Dec-2015

Hi Kelly, I would suggest Cairngorm for families, Glenshee also. With the train system, Cairngorm has family friendly access. I am just over an hour to Glenshee, and two and a half hours to Cairngorm. I normally ski both every year. This year, I plan to add the Nevis range.

However, unless things change, skiing between Xmas and New Year is looking unlikely. I'm off to climb some mountains in the Highlands.....

Keep an occasional eye on Winterhighlands website. This covers all the Scottish areas.

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posted Dec-2015

Hi thanks for the response
I can't wait to try the resorts out
But snow is looking less likely

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posted Aug-2016

Is it ok to resurrect this thread? I have joined specifically to get some advice about skiing in Scotland during February 2017 (English) half term. Despite being born and bred in Glasgow and having visited the highlands for school trips I have never been during winter and apart from 2 disastrous days on the slopes in Canada about 25 years ago I have never been on the slopes. We will be a party of 2 adults and 2/3 teenagers 14,14 and 17. Only the two 14 year olds will ski for definite, the other teen probably won't and the two adults may or may not have a go. We are mainly going so that the 2 younger teens can ski - their experience is a 10 day school ski trip to Austria in 2016 which they loved. For the rest of us, we love the outdoors anyway and will be happy with decent scenery, walks, wildlife even if we don't ski. Ideally we want self-catering and don't want to slum it so that those of us who do spend a bit more time at the accommodation also feel as though we are having a treat - but neither are we made of money. What would be the best resort(s)for a group like us or does it not really matter as we are beginners/intermediate? We are open to travelling to the further resorts if those are more suitable but ideally would want to be quite close to the slopes and a town/village/hamlet providing the accommodation is good quality. sorry for such a long question but we really don't know where to start. Thanks in advance.

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posted Aug-2016

Hi Lizzie. I haven't skied in Scotland myself, but I get the impression that the skiing is very much in the hands of the weather - if it's nice weather, then it can be a wonderful place to ski. If the wind gets up, the resorts will be closed. I hope that someone will be along with a more useful answer shortly.

Roger Mayne
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posted Oct-2016

You can stay fairly cheaply in the Hobit huts at Glencoe.
Skied, Aviemore, Arinsal, Bansko,Notre Dame De Bellecombe, Saint Gervais, Termignon, Alpe D'Huez x 3, Flaine

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posted Feb-2017

I realise the half term has been and gone but maybe a bit of info for next season might be useful! In any case there is currently no snow to speak of in any of the 5 resorts so you won't have missed much!

I would say that when planning a holiday up here flexibility is the key. You can't guarantee the snow so make sure you've got options of other stuff you want to do.

Therefore I would suggest you base yourselves in Aviemore, Pitlochry or Fort William and be prepared to drive a bit to resort.

Aviemore is great, a fun town with bars/restaurants and stuff to do outside skiing. Cairngorm ski centre is a 15min drive and, when there is snow has a great mix of wide greens/blues, a couple of reds and some blacks. You could also drive to the Lecht from Aviemore which is smaller I believe (never actually been) and would take you about an hour.

Pitlochry is another great Highland town with good walking/mountain biking options nearby and a good mix of post adventure pubs/restaurants. The choice from there would be to drive to Glenshee (the largest resort in Scotland) (about 1 hour) or head up to Cairngorm (again, an hour).

Finally Fort William. Same deal here good town for accommodation/pubs etc (although my least favourite of the 3) and excellent options for walking, biking, white water rafting, indoor ice climbing! The Nevis range has Scotland's only gondola and a great mix of skiing including some hard off piste (not that you really want that!). From Fort Bill you could also drive South to Glencoe (my "local" ski area (I'm about 1.5 hours away!)) which has some great variety from cruisey blues to "Fly Paper" Scotland's steepest run (I think!). Although I love the "Coe" I wouldn't stay there as there really is nothing around for miles, apart from my favourite pub in the whole world, the Clachaig Inn which is a must visit!

I've had some of my best skiing days anywhere in Scotland but I have the luxury of going when I know the snow is good and the weather is kind, planning a holiday where skiing would be a bonus rather than the main focus is probably sensible, and if the worst comes to the worst there is a LOT of whisky to try!


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