Anyone checked out Ski School App?

Anyone checked out Ski School App?

Started by Stevesmoothie in Ski Technique - 7 Replies

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Stevesmoothie posted Dec-2013


Only 17 sleeps until Mrs Smoothie and I head out to Soll, Austria. We've been skiing for a few years but want to improve. I was hoping to pay for some private lessons this year but Christmas has cleaned me out.

This guy has an app which has basic tips and lessons which you can download to your smart phone. I checked some of his Youtube vids and was actually quite impressed. While not as good as the real thing I though I'd get the app and maybe tackle one lesson each day, practicing whatever move it is throughout that day to slowly improve over the week.

I'd be interested to know what some of the more experienced skiiers think of the videos that are on Youtube and whether it's actually beneficial to improve via videos?



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posted Dec-2013

I think you have a great idea Steve.

Spending a bit of time working on something specific during a holiday is very beneficial in my view.
An hour or so, or whatever suits, focussing on technique has to help.
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posted Nov-2014

Try Lito Tejada Flores - Breakthrough on Skis. A book and videos from some time back (and definitely of its time!) but a great approach to moving technique forward and building confidence. Genuinely a breakthrough for me in getting a transitional technique towards advanced skiing. Here's a link to one of his lessons on Youtube

Swat up before you go and take the book if you can find a copy. Well worth it. Go "dance with the mountain"!

Ian Wickham
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posted Nov-2014

Advice, find the money ..... if you are serious about improvement ditch the App.

Or book just a couple of private lessons and work on the Instructor pointers

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posted Nov-2014

As well as the one Stevesmoothie found, there is also this one On their own I don't think any of these apps are much good, unless you have yourself videoed how do you tell if you're doing the exercises correctly?

Another thing that struck me was how old fashioned and inefficient the teaching methods are. They don't half make a meal of teaching even the most basic manoeuvres, extension and rotation went out with straight skis.

See how much easier it is if you just flex the lower leg a bit and let the edged upper ski turn.

Very good skiers don't extend to initiate their turns, so it seems strange that ski instructors the world over still teach this outmoded technique. This is a video of Richard Berger an extremely good Austrian skier at about 3 min he puts a red jacket on and starts extending to initiate his turns, notice the difference?

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posted Nov-2014

Good videos swingbeep.
Bergers one in my view demonstrates that at a more advanced level the movement is more in and out than up and down, and that the turn is initiated by the lower body.
I would still say it is vital to learn up and down extension before moving on to advanced techniques.
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posted Nov-2014

I can't see any reason to do that, it's easier to flex and a lot less effort. Whilst it's very unlikely that anyone not born into a skiing family in the alps could get to Berger's level, it's still possible to attain a high level and maintain it until you're well into your 70s

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posted Dec-2014

I like this forum as it a totally different perspective than I get from Canadians, specifically ones in Western Canada.

Here is my advice based on a life lone love affair with Snow Sports.

Skiing APPS and VIDEOS. They spark the interest and motivate you to get out there. Skiing is all about practice and muscle memory. APPS and VIDs to absolutely nothing for learning or technique.

Get out there! Have fun!!

Always follow the 20cm rule!

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