Next level skiing - (Video)

Next level skiing - (Video)

Started by Jimmyjim in Ski Technique - 5 Replies

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Jimmyjim posted Mar-2013

Hello everyone! I'm 23 years old and I ski 10 days per season. I'd like you to rate my technique and if it possible to give me some advice . When I was young I had a teacher but only for the very first steps. For this season I think I'm stuck at this level and style although I'm trying to improve! Thanks in advance.

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posted Mar-2013

I watched your video (without claiming to be among the contributors here who are really qualified to comment). You need a friend really to video to show the body posture. Also the piste is in places so shallow that much of the time you appear to be using a double pole plant to push yourself along, which does not show the normal downhill technique.

My comment for what it is worth from the little one can see is that the skiing looks OK. You seem to be using the poles to create small zig-zag turns. What happens if you go out and do the same run (except for the flat bits) without poles, or holding up your poles horizontal (as in Alignment Step 1 of I think doing a few runs without poles might be a good exercise for you, to put more focus on edge control and weight transfer on the skis themselves.

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posted Mar-2013

I'm sorry, who were we supposed to be watching in the video?
www  New and improved me

Ian Wickham
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posted Mar-2013

Can't give you too much info .... But looking at your shadow you want to get your body more forward over your skis

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posted Mar-2013


Was pretty difficult to tell from the video unfortunately.

Would be good to get someone to film you as filming from first person does not give a very good representaion of your skiing.

The other thing I would do is get some lessons again as it will help a lot. I have been skiing for 30 years and still get lessons to help stop the bad habits.

Hope this helps a bit.

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posted Mar-2013

Ok I watched it again and few things can pick up on.

As demonstrated by your nice 180, you use very little angulation on your skis. This is actually quite difficult to achieve on such a flat slope unless body position is really strong and over skiis (why do so many 1/2 decent skiers fall on flat slops, leaning inwards).

We keep seeing your downhole pole pop into screen. You have a body rotation issue. A general guide line might be to keep that downhole pole no further than lower arm length infront of hip when traversing.

Your knees come into view at times suggesting you are being forced back at times. This happens to all but certainly something to be aware of.

Basically I would actually look to spend some time on something a bit steeper where can use skis properly. Not easy to ski well on a green slope. You're at level where would really benefit from some lessons again, ½ day private with some drills to follow for remainder of holiday would be a real boost to you.

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