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Cirrus1007 posted Feb-2012

Well, been a while since I was last on the forum but hey, life is busy! Basically, am after some advice on which skis to buy. I have been skiing 5 times now but never attended ski school. I feel quite comfortable on most runs but naturally, on a tight red and black I face a challenge - a 'do-able' challenge.
I am 6', 18 stone and am best described as an intermediate skier I guess. Am booking Bardonecchia for next year again with the kids and think it's about time I bought my own ski's and took the plunge. Any advice on which skis??

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posted Feb-2012

If your looking at skiing a week a year then quite honestly I'd keep renting, by the time you've bought ski's,had bindings mounted, bought a bag,paid for ski carriage and waxed them a couple of times you could have rented several times over! Boots that fit well are more important, if your in naff ill fitting boots then you could be on the rolls royce of skis and make a pigs ear of it. Maybe if your set on buying and are likely to use your skis a couple of times a year then this trip might be well spent demoing a few pairs to see what gets you excited? If theres nowhere offering demo's then rent from somewhere that carries a good variety of ski's and see if you can swap a couple of times while your out there.

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posted Feb-2012

You say you've never been to ski school, so can I urge you to take some lessons. You may think you're doing ok, and I'm sure that's so, but you're bound to have acquired some bad habits along the way - and these bad habits could well hamper your progress for years to come.

There's a good reason we have ski instructors - like driving instructors, flying instructors, any kind of teacher - they make learning easier and we're all better skiers, drivers and pilots etc as a result. I've been skiing since 1973 and I still have a private lesson or two on most trips. It's money well spent.

The sermon ends.....
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posted Feb-2012

I second what was already said. If you ski a week per year buying skis is not the best investment. I own a few pairs but I ski 50 days a year and have an option of keeping my skis where I ski for the season. If I had to fly to ski I would have never thought about buying a pair. Even taking them up on a short train ride the first weekend of the season is a hassle. Own boots - yes. But for this you need to see a good bootfitter and go along with his recommendations. And taking a lesson is also a good piece of advice. It will transform your skiing and runs where you feel challenged now will become routine.

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posted Feb-2012

Thanks all. I fully intend taking lessons this time ans will be boking all three of us into the intermediates class. I saw the amazing impact it had on my kid's skiing ability. Ok, so rather going off the idea of buying skiis at the moment so that takes me onto boots. My worry is that having them fitted over here, they feel amazing and then I get on piste and they become the worst, most uncomfortable things ever - or am I being daft?

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posted Feb-2012

If you choose your Bootfitter with care, then the boots will fit. If you self select a pair, all you will feel is the lining, which will pack down after a few weeks, which leaves you with boots which are too large.
This website has a list of trained bootfitters in the UK.


The big chain stores are not part of this Association. AFAIK they train their staff in-house.

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posted Feb-2012

Agree with the above, forget skis and buy boots.

Find a reputable dealer, get some boots which will custom fit to your foot, and get a guarantee that they will adjust or replace the boots if you dont get on with them.

If you have regular feet you shouldnt have a problem. If you have high arches for example, you will need personal assistance and possibly footbeds.
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posted Feb-2012

Tony_H wrote:

If you have regular feet you shouldnt have a problem.

Who has regular feet!
Not many people will say that, everyone believes they are different or have their own peculiar trait.
I think i read once that shampoo for 'normal' hair sells the least as most people, especially women believe that theirs is far from normal.
Funny that.
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