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Freeride in Vall d'Arán

Freeride in Vall d'Arán

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Started by 4x4 in Spain


4x4 posted May-2011

Hi there!

I don't know if this video has been picked up elsewhere on the forum, but as it was recorded in the north of Spain, I will post it here. This video is about the local free-riders who live in the Vall d'Arán area of the Pyrenees mountains. This region has it's own language and so the movie is subtitled in Aránes!
Some of the interviews are quite long, but be patient as there are some spectacular scenes in between :) It runs for nearly half an hour, so make a bit of time and see if you enjoy the scenery and action as much as I did!

Arán Ath Limit

All the best! :thumbup:

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