Sasbachwalden Ski Chalets and Apartments

Chalets and Apartments in Sasbachwalden

Ortenaublick - Chalet - Sasbachwalden - Exterior - Winter
7nts SC from

Ortenaublick, Sasbachwalden

Cosy terraced house "Ortenaublick", 850 m a.s.l.. Above Sasbachwalden, in the district of Brandrüttel 7 km from the centre of Sasbachwalden, in a quiet, sunny position on a slope, 50 m from the edge of the forest. Private: barbecue. In the house: sto...

Sleeps up to 6

26-Sep-20157ntsSCSelf Catered₤ 426
₤ 497
31-Oct-20157ntsSCSelf Catered₤ 426
₤ 497
21-Nov-20157ntsSCSelf Catered₤ 426
₤ 497

Chalets and Apartments near Sasbachwalden

Freyenhöfe - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Exterior - Winter
7nts SC from

Freyenhöfe, Baiersbronn

Tonbach 2 km from Baiersbronn: Apartment block "Freyenhöfe". On the outskirts, 250 m from the centre, in a quiet, elevated position, in the countryside. For shared use: garden, lawn for sunbathing. Children's playground (swing, sandbox). In the house...

Choice of 4 Apartments, Sleeping up to 5 * Cross-Country Skiing * Wifi (Wireless Lan)

Pojtinger - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Exterior - Summer
7nts SC from

Pojtinger, Baiersbronn

peacefully located, immaculately decorated vacation property. This recently built house lies on the edge of the village, approx. 3 km. outside the centre of Baiersbronn. The peacefully located house has beautiful views of the forested mountains and ...

Family Rooms * Sleeps up to 4

27-Sep-20147ntsSCSelf Catered€ 333acc.accomm
18-Oct-20147ntsSCSelf Catered€ 349acc.accomm
9-May-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 349acc.accomm
Baiersbronn - Apartment - Exterior - Summer
7nts SC from


Compact property on an absolutely quiet place.

Sleeps up to 2

25-Oct-20147ntsSCSelf Catered€ 312acc.accomm
24-Oct-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 312acc.accomm
Fahrner - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Area - Summer
7nts SC from

Fahrner, Baiersbronn

Holiday house situated at a creek in the middle of nature Baiersbronn lies a bit north-west of Freudenstadt. Some what outside the village part Obertal Landhaus Fahrner is situated, in which your home lies on the 1st floor, all by itself on a parcel ...

699m from Ski Bus * Sleeps up to 3

3-Jan-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 317acc.accomm
2-May-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 307acc.accomm
12-Sep-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 367acc.accomm
Klumpp - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Area - Summer
7nts SC from

Klumpp, Baiersbronn

Spacious property (100 m) in the middle of a dark green forest. Baiersbronn lies 7 km. north-west of Freudenstadt. Mansion Klumpp is situated at 2 km. north-west of Baiersbronn in the village part Tonbach which stretches out along the similar river. ...

Sleeps up to 5

14-Apr-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 382acc.accomm
4-Sep-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 444acc.accomm
25-Nov-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 382acc.accomm
Kniebis - Chalet - Freudenstadt - Exterior - Winter
7nts SC from

Kniebis, Freudenstadt

Holiday apartment in a delightful region of the northern Black Forest. The little village of Kniebis is right by the high road through the Black Forest, and is known as both a summer and winter holiday resort. The village is set among meadows, woodla...

999m from Ski Lifts * Sleeps up to 3

18-Oct-20147ntsSCSelf Catered€ 376acc.accomm
18-May-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 376acc.accomm
12-Jun-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 376acc.accomm
Panoramablick - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Garden - Summer
7nts SC from

Panoramablick, Baiersbronn

A holiday home for two people on the ground floor. The village of Baiersbronn is in the picturesque Murgtal Valley. It is surrounded by dense woods. You can enjoy a wide variety of refreshing walks starting from the village. There are plenty of mount...

999m from Ski Lifts * Sleeps up to 2

4-Apr-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 323acc.accomm
2-May-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 327acc.accomm
25-Jul-20157ntsSCSelf Catered€ 430acc.accomm
Tonbach - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Exterior - Winter

Tonbach, Baiersbronn

The town of Baiersbronn is in the heart of the Upper Murg Valley. It is surrounded by woods typical of the Black Forest. Youll find plenty to enjoy here. There are beautiful walking trails. swimming pools. tennis courts and fishing ponds. You can en...

Choice of 2 Chalets, Sleeping up to 5 * Free Parking

Landhaus Braun - Chalet - Baiersbronn - Exterior - Winter

Landhaus Braun, Baiersbronn

Baiersbronn-Tonbach lies 7 km. north-west of Freudenstadt. Approx. 3 km. from Baiersbronn lies the village part Tonbach. Mansion Braun is situated at the edge of the village on a peaceful and sunny spot with free view at meadows and forests. The hom...

Free Parking * Private Parking * Sleeps up to 2

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