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Kipmc7 posted 16-Feb

Fellow skiers, I was a bit surprised that the thread in tuning skis had not had a new post in years. Am I missing something?

But here is what I really want to discuss, waxing skis.

I'm going to Mammoth this weekend and will take one pair of skis, my Rossignol Experience 84, my favorite All Mountain ski. I do have 2 other pair: K2 Outlaw, and Volkl AC3. I'm only taking the Rossignols this weekend. I'm going to hot wax them. Does it make sense to wax all 3 pair? I may not use the others K2 for a few weeks. maybe longer.

Does wax dry out over time?

Over how long?

Should I just wait and only wax them just before I use them?

I'd like to see a write up on this from a ski or wax manufacturer or ski shop.


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posted 16-Feb

kipmc7 wrote:Am I missing something?

Although our audience is global, the forum is quite UK-focused; and skiers in the UK have pretty much had this winter cancelled...

kipmc7 wrote:Does it make sense to wax all 3 pair?

Probably... even if you don't use them soon, they'll be less work to prep when you do need them and you can also leave a little wax on your edges to help keep the rust away.

kipmc7 wrote:Does wax dry out over time?

Eventually... but depends very much on which wax and what's in it... check the manufacturer's advice. Pretty sure I've seen some waxes explicitly labelled as "long life - suitable for storage" or something similar, but I gave up servicing my own skis a long time ago...
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posted 16-Feb

Thanks for the response. I will wax all 3 pair and leave a bit extra on. I'll scrape them before use. There was very little on tuning skis. Maybe you could put Tuning or Equipment as a category "higher up" in the organization of the forums so more people find it.

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posted 17-Feb

I'd wax them all but only dress the ones you are using.

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posted 18-Mar

Appreciate I'm a little late to the party in replying to this but:

Yes wax will dry out if you store your skis in too warm an environment. I keep mine in an unheated but dry room.

And before storing, I hot wax with a general purpose/normal temperature range wax and leave it on. For what it's worth I also release the tension in the binding springs as well.

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