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Big Variation In 'Winterisation' Charges Where Chains Com...
Started by J2SkiNews in Ski News, 16 Replies, discussing Innsbruck and Söll
Car hire "extras" is a nightmare where the desk clerks are usually on a commission to sell various elements including "extra" insurance which is essentially all profit if you have already purchased insurance!
Winter tyres are often another scam in many ski destination airports where they try and charge you for fitting winter tyres which are often either mandatory in that country or already fitted to the car. I had that discussion at Graz airport - they finally backed down when I said "If I don't pay will you put summer tyres on?" I had to be fairly forceful but we were under the impression that the tyres were mandatory and presumably the hire company could have been in trouble for hiring out an un-roadworthy vehicle.
La Plagne 1800
Started by NIIIXSY in France, 2 Replies, discussing Paradiski
It easy enough to access Plagne Centre by bus or via the ski lift if you are on your planks.
You may well find skiing over to Les Arcs finds you quieter pistes.
La Plagne is a big bowl so plenty of scope for deviating off piste.

Having just come back from there I would say that there is a marked difference in how La Plagne decides what is blue and what is red compared to most resorts, including over in Les Arcs on the same ski pass. That's not an issue for most but for inexperienced skiers it could be. It's a gripe of mine where resorts designate runs as blues so they can claim there's a blue down to the bottom from one lift or other when it isn't really.
places to ski
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 17 Replies
Courmayeur - just the others side of the Mont Blanc tunnel.
Nice town and enough of the early intermediate skiing that you are looking for.
That's interesting - the figures I've come across in medical journals where they have used A&E and medical centre number rather than questionnaires suggested similar rates of injury for both boarders and skiers with the exception of upper limb trauma which was roughly double in boarders and ACL injuries were slightly less frequent in boarders.

It may be a simplistic interpretation as self reporting of injuries is a little subjective and would need to be corrected for age and sex and nature of skiing.
Is the Hahnenhahm too dangerous?
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 4 Replies
Quite frankly it looked like the course looked like it needed a visit from a piste basher.
It's a tight, fast downhill course with seemingly far more bumps than in recent years that the racers were struggling with.

The light was flat but that in itself is unremarkable it wasn't foggy or heavy snow and I doubt the wind was to blame.
It just seemed to be so bumpy that it was unsafe at racing speeds and there's no run off to compound the issue.

Was it any less safe when Svindal came down than for those before? Not really they just carried in to get the requisite numbers for the race to stand.
The course did look rather hairy from the start, but didn't change so the event should have continued or been stopped before when it became clear it was unsafe.
Insurance ( lack )
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 8 Replies
Having been insured with Direct Travel for years I have had to look for a new insurer as they seem to have gone under.

It is remarkable how many insurers exclude off piste without a guide or instructor. At first this sounds sensible (going off into avalanche terrain is plain daft without local knowledge and safety kit) until you realise that their definition of off piste isn't just what the Americans call back country, but also means skiing just beyond the of edge of the piste on the bumps the instructors take you over or cutting 20 yards off the marked piste to your chalet.
How many of us have found ourselves off piste when the visibility is poor by accident? Is that covered?
Injuries on snow
Started by Dave Mac in Ski Fitness, 5 Replies, discussing Méribel
Helmets seem to generate a debate. 3/4 of an inch of padding is only going to make a limited impact on the deceleration of your brain when you ski into a tree at 30 miles an hour, but it will move the threshold up before injury occurs and presumably the threshold between minor and significant injury.

Besides sharp edges will cut hats and scalps easily so may save cost and wasted ski time if you get hit by your own skis when you wipe out and need stitching up!
Aldi’s Annual Ski Kit Sale This Week
Started by User in Ski News, 19 Replies
There is not a linear relationship between price and quality.
I know we live in an era of designer bull*** which has distorted the concept of price and quality out of all sensible understanding.

I still have an Aldi ski jacket that I bought for my first ever ski trip and has outlived my others in spite of being the one I use to wrap up my ski's. The sallos didn't fair as well but that was more to do with my daughter mis-timing a hockey stick stop, wiping out and putting her ski through the gusset narrowly avoiding performing a slopeside vasectomy. (ironic that she's about to do her finals at med school this winter)

I have a pair of their ski mitts which comfortably perform similarly to my other vastly more expensive pair of a well known brand. (In fact I lent them to a friend when we were sking in the 3V's at -20 who was stunned to find out that a £5 Aldi pair were better than his £50 gloves)

Helmet protection is a moot point- you can measure deformity and penetration but it's much harder to measure brain injury. No trial will permit randomised double blind trials of skiing volunteers into trees with and without helmets so it gets tricky to assess how much (if any) brain protection they provide other than by statistical analysis and even harder to compare which design is better and which test is best at identifying the best helmets. Does the standard equate to brain protection?
Can of worms!

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