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Just come back from Passo Tonale and whilst they have had plenty of snow it was melting fast and it made for very heavy skiing even up high.

Spoke to a friend in Morzine who was experiencing similarly very warm weather.

Hopefully temps will have dropped enough for the forecast snow to save Easter for those heading to the Alps. I would go high if you can.
How strict are French ski resorts on IDs???
Started by Alfiesuffolk in Ski Chatter, 9 Replies, discussing Ischgl
I recall a friend who overdid things at the Le Mans 24 hour race and had 24 hours as a guest of the CRS for his trouble.
Be sensible and getting caught with fake ID in France is likely to be less well tolerated than in the UK.

Remember we are all guests in foreign ski resorts and irrespective of the money we spend over there we should respect their hospitality. Not that I am inferring anything to the contrary about yourselves but a few discrete beers is probably better than getting caught with fake ID.
Passo Tonale Cakes
Started by Andymol2 in Ski Chatter, discussing Passo Tonale
Does anyone know if there is a patisserie in Passos?
My daughter will be 24 while we are there next week and wonder if there is a shop where we might track down a gluten free cake?

The reality is that you want the bindings to come off when you fall and stay on whilst you are skiing. There is a cross over point for many who are powerful enough to put big forces through the bindings when skiing at speed or bumpy terrain where the need to keep the ski on means that the binding settings are high enough to potentially not release the ski in some falls.

Anatomically women are at greater risk of ACL injuries.

Why are they reported more? Not sure that compensation is likely to be the biggest factor in this as falling over and injuring yourself is considered an inherent risk in the sport and difficult to prove negligence.

What has changed is that ACL repairs are becoming more commonplace.
In the past the techniques were not that successful but these days the techniques have been refined and are done more frequently by more orthopaedic surgeons, with greater success rates. Again MRI scans becoming more commonplace has made it easier to diagnose an ACL rupture easily, so if you rupture your ACL you are more likely to be investigated and a definitive diagnosis made because there is the option of repair.

Ultimately this means more ACL injuries are documented because there are options that mean the injured skier will be referred by their physio or GP for investigation and thus documented ACL injury rather than documented painful knee or unstable knee.

Are more people skiing these days? Are they skiing faster? Or are the skis or bindings the fault? Or is it just the way statistics get recorded?
Soldeu - Easiest Blue run's...Help?
Started by User in Andorra, 8 Replies
Echo the ski school advice.
As a second week skier I wouldn't worry about getting stuck on the blues in the Grandvalira. Generally they are wide and well groomed so even if your confidence is low you can take wide turns and flatten the hill.

For me on my second weeks skiing the wide pistes made a huge difference to me allowing me to practice safely. My first week had been in the Portes Du Soleil where many of the pistes were roads and less well groomed on the French side at least.

La Plagne vs Paradiski
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 4 Replies
I would say that if you are an intermediate or above go for the full pass.
Stayed in Arc 1600 and got over most days.

However last year stayed in La Plagne last year and friends illnesses limited their range and only got over once.

Knee Brace
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 11 Replies
If it was a straightforward cartilage tear a brace is not likely to be a huge benefit but you'll benefit from doing the rehab exercises strengthening your quads and hamstrings to stabilise the knee.

Braces are of more use for ligament damage or instability - good functional braces like the Donjoy help to prevent the recurrence of ACL injuries after repair. (That's why the likes of Lindsey Vonn wear them, but they are uncomfortable - they have to be a tight fit to keep the hinge in the right place to allow the knee to function) They can be useful for those who have no functional ACL, stabilising the knee and by doing so reduce the chance of instability damage to the cartilage.
Renting car in Switzerland
Started by User in Switzerland, 10 Replies
I suspect this is a balls up related to translation.

I sent an enquiry to Hertz who pointed me to this for Geneva (Swiss side)

"European Union residents driving into Austria for 8 days or more, please contact your Reservation Centre."

I presume the idea is to prevent long term hire or lease cars being brought into the EU for extended spells by individuals seeking to avoid the local car taxation rules. The inference from Hertz' response is that Austria is being particularly hot on the matter and perhaps they may need to make clear on the paperwork to avoid over zealous customs officers causing grief. I suspect the problem might be if the paperwork doesn't have a clear return date on it there may be nothing to identify the car as a short term lease or rental. In reality a car registered in a country outside the EU to a hire company may have no obvious identifier as to whether it is a hire care or a long term lease which should be subject to the same regulations as an import.

In the circumstances it's best to check with the hire company but I suspect it won't prevent the average skier landing at Geneva airport driving into France with their Swiss hire car. (Coming out of Geneva to go to areas such as the Portes Du Soleil (and many others) is far easier from the Swiss side than the French side of the airport).

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