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toilets on the french slopes
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 41 Replies
I've seen alot of these in Serre Ch.....they are ok when you get used to them. Didn't think i'd ever come arcoss them in Europe until I went skiing in France. I first used them driving across Russia, and trust me the one's I found in France are alot higher standard. I still have nightmares about one's in Russia!
French Air Traffic Controller Strike
Started by User in France, 3 Replies
I hope this sorts itself out by the weekend, I'm flying to Toulouse on Sunday!


The reaction time is zero.

If there was a reaction time, there wouldn't be an accident.
Teaching yourself is one of the hardest ways to learn, ski instructor even for a couple of hours in a week will sort out alot of problems. Even if you feel your weight and stance is forward and even if you think you feel as though your doing everything right, you may not be.If you don't want to get a ski instructor a good way of checking your stance and turns is to get someone to video you coming down the slope, watch it over yourself and you may see what your doing wrong. I often ski thinking everything is ok until I watch myself on video, and then say oh my god, how bad was that?

Sofa ski is a very good DVD, and he has some very good drills.

Also a good thing to do is to do everything wrong on purpose, ski in the backseat, rotate upperbody etc. so you know what happens when things go wrong, and know then how to correct it in future.

Try to roll your knees into the turn before you put pressure on the outside ski, it sounds like your not using your knees to turn.
Vancouver: Mens Downhill
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 54 Replies
Men's downhill was great to watch yesterday.

But I have a question...........Why was gold called after the 31st skier when there was so many more skiing the downhill? This may be a stupid question but i'm curious to know. I live in Ireland and can't use bbc's iplayer, can only watch what's shown on bbc 2
Frozen the Movie
Started by User in Ski Chatter, 5 Replies
There not showing this in Irish cinemas, it's going straight to DVD. Don't think I would have paid to see it anyway!
Moving weight forward
Started by User in Ski Technique, 9 Replies
Dorset Boy wrote:Where are your hands? Get them well forward and your weight will head that way too.
Have then down by your sides and you'll lean back.

Have to totally agree with this, 90% of the time this is the problem. I have the same problem, when I remember to keep my hands up and forward, my turns are perfect. Pretend your holding on to giant steering wheel.

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