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Little Snapzzz Skis to Morillon video.
Started by User in France, 23 Replies
Looks like an awesome run. Shows that Gopro's ar enot just for the pro's. Great skiing from little Snapzzz
Carving Video
Started by User in Ski Technique, 15 Replies
Not sure exactly. He tests kit for salomon and I think they may have been the Salomon Rocker 2's (don't know which one, as they come in different underfoot widths)
Carving Video
Started by User in Ski Technique, 15 Replies
Was a great area. Loads of empty runs to have a great lesson.

Never a cop out with music for me. I spend a long time searching for new music and finding music that I believe fits.
Carving Video
Started by User in Ski Technique, 15 Replies
Ian Wickham wrote:Oooohhhh Music

Sound qaulity so bad on my gopro (has an issue) that have to put to music.
Started by User in Ski Technique, 37 Replies
rossyhead wrote:You must be skiing with god because even world cup skiers can not link pure carved turns on a black run
I would consider myself an experienced and competent skier and once doing more than 2 carved turns on a red I'm absolutely flying and need to skid to stop myself dying!!!!

Finishing the turn is the key to keeping your speed under control.

I was always worried about carving blacks as I had the same issue but not so worried now after the lessons I had a few weeks ago. Was concentrating so hard on following instructor that didn't even realise we were on a black run until noticed the colour of the markers as we were carving on and back onto the piste.
Carving Video
Started by User in Ski Technique, 15 Replies
This is the video that accompanies the photos in the other thread.

Hope it does him justice.

Started by User in France, 7 Replies
It was awesome. I have skiied since I was eight (which was a long time ago) and this was one of my favourite places to ski. Most runs we had pretty much to ourselves (even at half term). Great reds and blacks and whilst we didn't have snow whilst we were there, I could see that there was a lot of easily accessible off piste.

Kids had a ball especially once they had their confidence and started skiing the tree lines

Going back next year twice now
Carving Photos
Started by User in Ski Technique, 15 Replies
Trencher wrote:
Like so many things, there are aesthetic choices to be made and it's hard to judge from two photos. For me, once the outside ski is no longer fully engaged, it's not skiing, just squatting on the inside ski. It's a fine line, but to each his own.

I agree. Not a fan of the body carving thing myself either but when you see the video. The way he skiis is not body carving just extremely laid out race carving. It is a true delight to watch. Video is on the way just trying to do the footage justice with the editing.

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