Anyone know any good youtube ski exercice videos????

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Have been lecturing my old man about getting fit for our few days skiing (he's got till March). last year he really seemed to struggle keeping up and def didnt seem to enjoy it as much, which was largly due to his fitness (or lack off it). In his defence he is 65 and retired so i am looking for some basic exercise and ski related stuff that he could do in doors? doesent have to be youtube just thought the videos would help him and ensure he was doing them properly. Anyone got any links or websites that they use i could pass on to the old git Cheers


ok for building specialist muscles but the best thing would be to send him on long walks...and 65 is no excuse ...I'm an old fart as well
He needs another sport to keep him fit. He isn't going to keep up ski exercises just for a weeks skiing a year. You'll have to get him into mountain biking, skating, or canoeing. Something with a club, and socialising would help, especially if he is retired.
Not sure if these would be suitable for a 65 year old, but I'm 37 and I've been doing body weight training. It uses my own body weight to build and tone muscle in thighs, backside and core muscles.

Have a look here:



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