Car hire to get to Ski Resort


Car hire to get to Ski Resort

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posted Dec-2019

We always rent a car in Geneva, we found it cheaper than transfer. we found the french side cheaper, but tricky to find it on the return.

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posted Dec-2019

From a quick review it looks like Swingbeep is right and that thankfully the customs regulations have been changed (at least for rentals up to a maximum of 8 days). The old regulations meant that an EU resident could not hire a car registered outside the EU (e.g. in Switzerland) and drive it into the EU (e.g. France or Austria). This would be a fairly popular option for skiers flying into, say, Geneva and then driving to French resorts or into Zurich and then driving down across to the resorts in the Arlberg area of Austria.

I have sent off a query to the EU to see if I can get a definite confirmation on this as their advisory website is still giving the old information and advising that you specifically request an EU-registered car. I'll post their response when received.

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posted Dec-2019

As per my earlier post, I submitted a query on this topic to an EU Helpdesk and here is the response received which seems to nail down the issue (the reference to Austria is because the query I submitted was about hiring in Zurich and driving into Austria).

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find below the reply to your enquiry. Please note that the advice given by Your Europe Advice is an independent advice and cannot be considered to be the opinion of the European Commission, of any other EU institution or its staff nor will this advice be binding upon the European Commission, any other EU or national institution.

Dear Citizen,

Many thanks for your enquiry to Your Europe Advice which we may answer as follows:

It is correct that according to Article 1 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1063 amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446 a person residing in the EU can now use a car which is registered in a third country, if they have rented the car from a professional car hire service provided, the car is used for private purpose only. In this circumstances no customs duties must be paid.

We recommend always carrying the rental agreement with you though, so that you are able to prove that the car is rented from a professional car hiring service in case of a police control or check by the competent tax authorities.

For further information on customs duties and exemptions thereof in Austria please contact

Zollamt Klagenfurt Villach
Ackerweg 19
9500 Villach
Telefon +43 (0) 50 233 740
Fax +43 (0) 50 233-5964053

Regulation (EU) 2018/1063 is available on

Should you have any further questions in relation to your rights in the EU, please do not hesitate to contact Your Europe Advice again.

Yours sincerely,

Your Europe Advice"

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posted Dec-2019

Polite obvious reminder
Irrespective of winter tyres, on most mountain roads over a certain elevation chains are obligatory (you may get away with snow socks depends on weather and who's on duty). Whilst it is very important to have them with you on your journey to and from, you seldom get caught out on the major access road into resort.
I have personally found that it's the last 100mtrs in the side road to and from the accommodation (which inevitably always has a small iced over bit you can't get up or down).
A good credit card (windshield scrapper) and de-icer also helps for when your late up on that early start back to home.
Quite ironically, last season, (Chamonix) my ski buddy said he would treat us and booked us a private transfer, (new Vito no less ) pity I was the one that had to put the drivers chains on when he got stuck picking us up in the early morning, cause he didn't know how to use them. (Which is another consideration for you all), don't let it put you off though.

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posted Dec-2019

Wow! I just thought I'd check back as I'm sorting out the car today (already sorted out parking) Glad I did! Just going through that link now!
Finally went off Piste!

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posted Dec-2019

Just wanted to say cheers for all the advice! We got very lucky and upgraded to a 4x4 MINI Countryman. Which as it turns out was big enough to take the ski box and sure footed enough to make the drive to the resort a lot less harrowing. It snowed, it snowed a lot! I did wonder if we were going to be snowed in! The snow ploughs were out so once I'd made it to a main road it was just a matter of driving sensibly and to the conditions. It was a bit stressful driving in the snow at 6am, I'd left loads of time but got a bit lost trying to find a petrol station to return the car full. All fine in the end. Would definitely do it again! Thanks again for all the advice! T1b
Finally went off Piste!

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