Lesson 15 : Tuning Boots ( for women)


Lesson 15 : Tuning Boots ( for women)

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Pavelski posted Oct-2007

As I look around in this class,I see that we have one young lady who is officially registered in this class. She is very quiet taking all sorts of notes! Since she is younger than many of the other classmates she sits in the very back of the class.
But rare is a young lady who is interested in ski tuning at her age and I predict that soon you will hear a great deal about her!

I also notice that once in a while there are others ladies who "peek" into the class to see why everyone is having so much fun!

This class is specifically for women and how to tune ski boots!

I am about to shock some of you,, so brace yourselves. Ladies the most important parameter you must consider when buying ski boots is functionality! The famous matra, "form follows function" is so true here.

Please do not buy a boot because it goes well with your suit!

Please do not buy ski boots because it has soft fur liner!

Please do not buy boots because they have same graphics as your skis!

Of course never just buy boots because they are designed by Salvatore Feragamo or Manolo Blahnik!

Assuming you have done all the correct testing and fitting, often you will find a boot that fits you very well but that last top buckle can not be set!

Let me explain why this is so and how to modify this buckle.

We all accept that women are "different" than men. Now I see all the smiles and knowing glances from my males students in class so I will not go into detail on this topic. There is however one major difference which has direct implications boot fitting !

It is the gastronemius muscle! Better know as the calf muscle! You know that muscle just above your heel going up to your knee.
Well women typically have a lower insertion point near heel and tend to be wider near heel!

If you find a boot that fits you very well and price is great, yet that buckle does not close,,buy boot!

The solution is simple. Actually there are two solutions.

Solution 1

The wire loop that attaches to serrated part of buckle can be taken out with pliers. Most are just pressure fitted. Then take a good quality hanger! Yes just a hanger and make another loop hat is longer!

Insert into buckle. Voila!!!
All my wife's boots had to be modified this way!

Solution 2.

You can also drill out buckle from side position and just place buckle closer to center of boot! Use a spot rivet and set into boot shell!

Many women also complain of "motion" near heel as they ski! This is due to their narrow heels! No problem. For $1 you can get kidney shaped pads which can be glued to boot liners just below ankle area!

The last "problem" deals with warmth! Many women complain about cold feet! They assume it has to do with the "poor" boots!

There are several causes for cold feet!
The most common is using too much pressure on buckles.You do not need very very tight buckles to ski better!

Another is having too thick socks or wearing "mother's" knitted socks!

Another is having the "Vogue" look! What you have no idea what this is? It is having very very tight ski pants that may look great on the runway or in magazines but on the slope all it does is drain the heat away from legs and foot!

I was not going to mention the greatest silly reason why some skiers have cold feet,,,but I still see this happening!
Placing boots in car over night! So in the morning the boots are like a fridge!!!!

I know I am going to start a whole debate on this next point,,but it must be said!

Women you must put on your own boots. You must learn to put buckles on be yourself so that you can feel the correct tension!

I know,,, I know 99% of the modern skiers put on their own boots but I still see some men buckling their wife's ski boots! You are not helping them! I still see sales persons in ski stores buckling ski boots on the skier! You are the only one who feels what the buckles are doing,,,,you buckle your own boots!

May I suggest also that if you do suffer from cold feet, to buy a small hair dryer and "heat up" the boots for 2 minutes in the morning just like you would do for a thermos!

I hope this helps you all have warm feet and do some great skiing!

We are getting close to the end of the course. Please send your comments, suggestion for better classes via PM.

Also if I have not covered a topic you are interested in, please again remind me to do so!

Soon it will snow ( in Norther Hemisphere) and you will all be off skiing. Enjoy yourselves and thanks for taking this course!

If ever you are in North America,,in the eastern part and you see an "old man' with a great smile ask yourself, "is that Pavel"? Just look at his skis and if they are "cutting" the hill,,,,then it just might be him!

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posted Nov-2007

Oh snap! where about are you? New York
Uh oh, I think I broke'd the lift

Mike from NS
reply to 'Lesson 15 : Tuning Boots ( for women)'
posted Nov-2007

IceGhost wrote:Oh snap! where about are you? New York

I know... I know ... But I'm not telling

Age is but a number.

reply to 'Lesson 15 : Tuning Boots ( for women)'
posted Nov-2007

lol I'm going to say western new hampshire. i'm any event those quasi-ice bags work great. I tried to convice my ice skating prof to let me skate in my skis....
Uh oh, I think I broke'd the lift

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