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Idiot guide required for completing Italian Passenger Locator Form

Idiot guide required for completing Italian Passenger Locator Form

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Started by KathA in Italy - 1 Reply


KathA posted Jan-2022

Due to fly to Italy on Sunday, I have been trying to complete the PLF, but am flummoxed about the permanent and temporary residences. Initially thought permanent meant my home address, but when I put in hotel address as a temporary residence I couldn't get past this. I have also tried permanent address as the hotel where we are staying and no temporary address still no luck. I have read through all the info but it is not clear to me which it should be. I hoping someone can help as it will be infinitely quicker than trying to ring Crystal.

Resolved now, I think I was trying to fill the form in too early and was probably just getting stressed!

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reply to 'Idiot guide required for completing Italian Passenger Locator Form'
posted Jan-2022

The Italian PLF is a bit of a PITA to fill out, the app was written by a Greek firm and sometimes you think it might as well be in Greek! Permanent address = your home address and temporary address = where you will be staying. Often the address given for a hotel is incomplete, the region / province isn't given or the street name is missing. If this is the case search for the hotel on Google maps and take the street name from there. Once you have filled out all the non-optional boxes correctly it should allow you to continue.

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