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DougR posted 29-Feb

Now I know I now qualify as a grumpy old git, but what seems to be a growing trend I find really annoying.
There seem to be increasing numbers of people playing really loud music on a speaker while skiing.
1. I think this is dangerous as they cant hear skiers/ boarders approaching from outside their field of vision.
2. Your taste of music is personal and very likely is different from others, so why force them to listen to what they dont like at high volume, especially in lift queues.

Have some consideration for Gods sake!

Rant over.
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posted 29-Feb

Even more annoying when you are sat on a lift with someone playing music. I am also a grumpy old git. Keep on ranting Doug

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posted 29-Feb

Absolutely agree. Experienced this for first time this season - completely ruins the mountain atmosphere

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posted 01-Mar

Couldn't agree more safety is compromised on the piste not just for themselves but also for others
Should be banned

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posted 01-Mar

add smoking to the list
(sorry to you smokers)

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posted 07-Mar

I agree 100% on item 2 but would challenge concerns about the safety aspects.
It is the responsibility of the person behind to avoid the person in front.
Are we suggesting that deaf people should not ski or board?
I often listen to music on headphones when I am skiing alone and find I am more alert visually to what's going on behind me. I occasionally get some looks / comments when I remove my helmet in the bar restaurant but it does not sway me.

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posted 09-Mar

I agree with the speakers (and smoking, which is vile anyway), but I like listening to music when skiing, so use earphones, because no one else will want to listen to 80s soft rock

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posted 09-Mar

Well I might, Dickdutch ! I'm rather keen on Boston, Toto etc. Don't they call it "yacht rock" these days ?
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