The Top Norwegian Ski Resorts - rated for Beginners, Experts and Snowboarders

Norwegian Ski Resort Ratings

This page shows only the Top Ski Resorts of Norway, ranked according to various criteria.

Opinion Alert:- Only the fact-based comparisons are reliable; everything else is purely subjective and your experience may vary. are not responsible for your snow, your mates or your attitude... although we hope you enjoy them all!

The complete j2ski Ski Resort Database contains details of some 54 Ski Resorts in Norway, and you can find links to all of them on the main Norwegian Ski Resort Index page.

Ski Resorts with the Maximum Vertical in Norway

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 Ski Resort Vertical

Ski Resorts with the Best Expert Skiing in Norway

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 Ski Resort Experts
Tryvann3/5 3-Star
Hallingskarvet3/5 3-Star
Filefjell3/5 3-Star
Tromsø3/5 3-Star

Ski Resorts with the Best Intermediate skiing in Norway

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 Ski Resort Interm.
Gol4/5 4-Star
Voss4/5 4-Star
Beitostølen4/5 4-Star
Hafjell / Lillehammer3/5 3-Star
Geilo3/5 3-Star
Trysil3/5 3-Star
Svarstad3/5 3-Star

Ski Resorts with the Best gentle Skiing in Norway

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 Ski Resort Beginn.
Kvitfjell4/5 4-Star
Tryvann4/5 4-Star
Filefjell4/5 4-Star
Hemsedal3/5 3-Star
Gålå3/5 3-Star
Tyin-Filefjell3/5 3-Star
Sjusjøen3/5 3-Star
Valdres3/5 3-Star
Gautefall3/5 3-Star
Nordseter3/5 3-Star
Tromsø3/5 3-Star
Skeikampen3/5 3-Star

Ski Resorts with the Best Boarding in Norway

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 Ski Resort Snowboarding
Hemsedal5/5 5-Star
Hafjell / Lillehammer4/5 4-Star
Voss4/5 4-Star
Trysil4/5 4-Star
Geilo3/5 3-Star
Beitostølen3/5 3-Star

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