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Drunk Skiers Beware!!
Started by User in Bulgaria, 9 Replies
So are the Bulgarian ski resorts similar to Sunny Beach?
Snowdome Turns 20
Started by User in Ski News, 3 Replies
You're lucky - every time my kids invite me out on my birthday I end up paying.
What Is The Germknödel Index?
Started by User in Ski News, 8 Replies
This particular "delicacy" is one I'd pass on. Steamed sweet bread dunked in insipid custard.
Mind you I'm not a fan of doughnuts and this could be likened to a boiled doughnut.
I wouldn't have thought either was particularly easier to do well. I'm sure a lot of kids go into snow boarding because they skateboard and it would seem logical to transfer the skills across. It's not so easy to practice skiing in the summer.

As to whether or not you can claim one or other is easier because of the pathways to instructor training and the requirements of the legislature in certain countries are different is probably a stretch too far.

Does it really take 20 years to become a good skier? - not if you start young. Isn't the Olympic slalom champion 16?

Well, that's it for this season.
Started by User in Austria, 38 Replies
Sadly only 1 week this year. Too many other things on to get away.
However next year may be different.
Youngest off to Uni and the elder one has just accepted a 6 month Erasmus exchange in Oslo from January so plotting a few weekend trips to the different ski resorts. I'm not sure her motives were purely educational having having had to miss all skiing this winter following her ACL repair in August!
Ski advise
Started by User in Germany, 1 Reply
You will probably be able to buy a jacket and pants fairly cheaply at this time of the season, not really something that is generally hired. The jacket will probably be useful as you'll find it cold compared to Malaysia even off the mountain!
Boots & skis can be hired easily enough.
Interesting as I may be going there next year - daughter no1 has arranged to to a 6 month placement at Oslo Uni from January.
Anyone a non-helmet enthusiast?
Started by User in Austria, 88 Replies
Your head and your choice.

Will a helmet prevent all head trauma - of course not.
Will it reduce the severity of the trauma - in the main yes.

Whilst I know the risk of a fatal or disabling head injury when skiing recreationally is small I choose to wear one as I'm convinced it reduces the risk of me being left disabled and a burden on my family.

I look on it as a hat with a crust, the only material difference being that I can't fold my helmet up and put it in my pocket when I go indoors.
Mind you I don't like wearing a hat but the lack of hair means I have to wear something to stop my head freezing these days.

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